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Temporary Street Closure Application

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Newport Borough Temporary Street Closure Application

Requests for all temporary street closings must be made to and approved by the Newport Borough Council at an advertised Borough Council Meeting prior to the event to approve the street closure. Market Street, Fourth (4th) Street, and the first two blocks of North Sixth (6th) Street are Pennsylvania Department of Transportation State Routes SR0034 and SR4008. PENNDOT approval for street closures requires the Borough to submit the request a minimum of 30 days prior to the requested street closure.

The street closure, when granted by the Borough Council, will be for the exclusion of vehicles only. Admission to an event may not be charged, and the public at large may not be denied access to any portion of any street except in cases of an emergency.

Application for a requested street closure shall be made 30 days prior to the approved event to the Borough Council. The request for a street closure may or may not be approved.

There is no charge ($0.00) for requesting a street closure, but this application must be filled out and approved by the Borough Council as a matter of Borough Policy.

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By signing this request, you agree to the following:

  • You are responsible for setting up the barricades or traffic cones provided by the Borough at the designated time of closing and taking them down at the designated time of reopening unless prior arrangements have been made with Borough Council.

  • Failure to return barricades or traffic cones may result in charges based on replacement cost.

  • You are responsible for removal of all trash generated by the event. Failure to remove trash may result in charges.

  • Closed streets must be immediately reopened upon demand from an authorized Borough employee.
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